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Diving in Czech Republic

Welcome on the websites devoted to diving in Czech Republic. The initial impulse to make these sites was to show to my friends from abroad the beauties of diving in the inland country - Czech Republic.



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     The history of diving in Czech lands dates back to the past. The first known reference goes to the middle of the 16th century. Than the Czech and Slovak divers (divers in the widest sense of the word) have served in the Austro-Hungarian navy.
     Since the beginning of the 20th century, explorations of the caves of Moravian karst were taking place.

     Almost every boy in former Czechoslovakia was into novels by Jules Verne and Jack London, wishing to experience adventures described in them. Suddenly the films by Jacques-Yves Costeau and Hanse Hasse have even added up to it.
     The inland country has experienced real hunger for diving, an exoticism that was tempting everyone. No sea, complications in obtaining travel permits along with inability to buy any diving equipment were the obstacles every diver-to-be was determined to overcome. After all, forbidden fruits taste the best!

     From 1954 to 1960, the diving units were founded, making part of several interest organizations, such as of fishermen, aquarists, swimming associations and water rescue units. In 1956, a diving group within Svazarm (an Association for cooperation with armed forces - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svazarm ) was formed, which for years to come shielded all diving activities in then Czechoslovakia. In 1969, Svazarm became the CMAS member.

     However, since Svazarm did not consider cave diving a true military orientated action and accidents resulting from it too grave, the association soon refused to shield it. That is why in the Czech Speleological Society which was formed in 1979 was appointed the Central Specialist Committee for cave diving. Apart from diving in the cave systems of Czechoslovakia the divers of Czech Speleological Society under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, have gained a good reputation at many international actions.

     With assistance of the Naval museum of Gdansk, Poland, the Czechoslovak divers participated in numerous explorations of shipwrecks lost in Baltic Sea.
     After all, commercial diving had its place in even at construction, namely in water buildings.

     As a third country in the world, Czechoslovakia joined the project of underwater settlement development, and due to successful results, an international cooperation were to begin. In 1965, the Czech  underwater habitat „Xenie“ was tested in Slovenia, and a year later, the „Caribe I.“ habitat in Cuba.

     Inaccessibility of any diving equipment in the market led to home made attempts of some individuals and organizations, making their own equipment and instruments. Later, they started to make diving equipment for their friends and for friends of friends. And some of them turned to be companies and they are manufacturing diving equipment up to this day.

     Following the Velvet revolution in 1989 and the fall of frontiers, diving became more and more accessible. The latest equipment from abroad was suddenly available and Czech divers took off diving abroad.

     Nowadays, diving in Czech Republic is a wide-spread activity. Czech divers are traveling all around the world, successfully participating in various competitions abroad, as well as the dive home in Czech Republic. Common diving locations in Czech Republic are submerged quarries, dams, lakes and rivers, characterized by cold water and poorer visibility.

     Many divetraining associations such as ANDI, CMAS, IANTD, ITD, NAUI, PADI, ProTec, SDI, SSI, UDI and some others are operating here. Commercial diving is being taught in Czech Republic as well.

     Besides the foreign equipment in the market, the Czech diving equipment is available too, often beating the world standards in quality.


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